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Roger has extensive experience as a composer, recording engineer, sound designer, award-winning producer and digital specialist.

Please note that Roger is not currently accepting new commissions.

Roger Philbrick started composing aged 11 and his music has been performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

He is a versatile keyboard player and musical director, who enjoys working in a variety of styles.

Having studied Physics at university, Roger spent many years as a BBC Radio Studio Manager (sound engineer), mixing a wide range of programmes, including complex drama productions with layered fx and live-to-air music balances of bands and chamber groups for programmes such as Loose Ends and In Tune. He subsequently worked as a Radio 4 Producer, creating Science programmes and generating multimedia content - including an updated version of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Adventure Game, which earned him the 2004 BAFTA for 'Best Online Entertainment'. In 2006 Roger was appointed Senior Online Producer for BBC Radio 3 and The Proms. He produced a composer workshop video, featuring the BBC Concert Orchestra and set up the Discovering Composers online archive for BBC Radio 3.

Roger runs an impressive music studio, in which he has arranged, recorded and produced tracks for singers, schools, broadcasters and media publishers. His varied career has given him the skills and experience to tackle a wide range of audio production work.

Roger is not currently accepting new commissions.